Angel of Mercy
Calmer of Souls
Mistress of the Wind
Inventor of the Hairmetâ„¢

About Dr. Zasio

Born human in 1965, Dr. Robin Zasio reached her first evolutionary form shortly after obtaining her Psy. D. degree from The California School of Professional Psychology.
While driving in her convertible past a local golf course, Dr. Zasio was struck in the head by an errant golf ball and immediately rendered unconscious. Fortunately, her vehicle struck a snack vendor’s cart on the sidewalk and the collision impact was softened by large amounts of cotton candy and marshmallows.
Dr. Zasio spent 11 weeks in a medically induced coma. During this time, other patients on her hospital floor reported having dreams of unicorns, rainbows and a warm, gentle breeze carrying the scent of coconut.
Upon waking, Dr. Zasio vowed never to fall victim to ill fortune again. Working nights in her home laboratory, she developed a kevlar hairspray product that, when properly layered, provides protection from projectiles traveling up to 3700 feet per second. Dr. Zasio applied 241 layers of the spray to her own hair, rendering the top half immobile and providing her with the first hair helmet, which she called her “Hairmet”. Her first power activated, Dr. Zasio returned to her work saving the world.

Dr. Zasio reached her second evolutionary form when she was in a car accident that should have been impossible to survive. Her SUV rolled 31 times down a steep embankment after she swerved to avoid a chipmunk in the road. Shocking interior dash cam footage showed Zasio’s head violently impacting the driver side interior pillar dozens of times as the vehicle tumbled hundreds of feet. Witnesses reported that when the vehicle finally came to a rest, there was a powerful aroma of caramel in the air, and Dr. Zasio gently stepped out, completely unharmed. Upon exiting the twisted wreckage of the SUV, Dr. Zasio softly reassured onlookers that they had just experienced a traumatic event and asked them how they were feeling. Dr. Zasio later attributed her miraculous survival to her Hairmetâ„¢.

Dr. Zasio harnessed the power to control the wind during episode 3 of the 10th season of Hoarders. During the “family meeting”, at approximately 1h:15m into the video, Dr. Zasio is seen leaning forward, flashing a sly grin to Corey Chalmers, and then manifesting her full power to create a swift breeze carrying a mysterious, fragrant aroma. Crew members present later said they felt a wave of calm come over them, and some started quietly sobbing.

Dr. Zasio